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Black Conscious Apparel
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About Us

Black Conscious Apparel fills a void in the market, specifically in the black community where black-owned is almost an oxymoron. Ash Washington, Black Conscious Apparel founder, had aunts and uncles that would regale him with stories of pride and accomplishment that came from the black community because they had black-owned businesses that served as the foundation for the neighborhood, for their families, for themselves

These businesses served as a beacon of light by creating black pride, role models and economically strengthening, nourishing, and encouraging the soul of those within its wake. Black Conscious Apparel is meant to continue the tradition of paying homage to those who came before us, while teaching and empowering us now to love everything about ourselves, find self-worth and enfranchise those around us within and outside our community. We will write our own narrative and bring pride, joy, and delight to future generations of black children, who will then inspire others of all nationalities, as we have done before.