About Us

Celebrate Black Freedom, Embrace Black Culture 

For As Long As You Are Black, You Are Historic.  

At Black Conscious Apparel, we first hand understand the struggles and the negative portrayals that African-American's and people of color face among classmates, co-workers, strangers, and of course the media. We know that we of have contributed greatly to the world and we want to remind the world of the incredible feats we have accomplished and overcome.

Ash Washington, Black Conscious Apparel founder, comes from a family of aunts and uncles that would recount to him the bold and inspiring stories of bravery, pride, and hard-earned accomplishment that came from the long history deeply rooted into the heart of the black community, stretching for over hundreds of years, and making an impactful presence in today’s world. 

Black Conscious Apparel is a lifestyle fashion brand curated for black people to authentically voice themselves through powerful, statement-driven apparel that’s unique, artfully crafted, and powerful. 

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